My Personal Learning Network

As a professional educator, where do you go to find information about the content that you teach?
Why, …I go to my Personal Learning Network, of course!

This is one focus point for the week. In this day and age, there are several options for accessing information. Whether it is located via the web, textbook or a face to face conversation, there are many sources and several different ways to acquire information pertinent to what we need. Another name for the network of sources we use is called a “Personal Learning Network”.

Below I have recorded my thoughts about where I go when I need to find information and who I talk to during the process. These thoughts have come together to form my personal learning network. I have displayed it by creating an online version of a thinking map, a graphic organizer created through the website Popplet.

It was important for me to represent my thinking on this topic because it helped me think about how much information I have access to and that if I don’t know how to do something, I can always ask someone or use a resource in my personal learning network.
This personal learning network will come in handy, in the weeks to follow, because I am learning how to juggle.

For any questions or comments about popplet or the resources in my personal learning network, please feel free to ask or comment below! OR if you have any suggestions or sources I should add to my personal learning network, please comment below!

Gould-Personal Learning Network


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