The never-ending ToDo List made SIMPLE

As a professional educator, parent, student or just adult in general, we all have our own ever-growing todo list that seemingly never ends. (and just when you think you’ve finished it….SURPRISE! Another item gets added to the list). As impossible as it may seem, completing the inevitable “todo list” doesn’t have to be a daunting task, if you use your time productively.

This week I’ve explored several apps (Evernote, Wunderlist, 30/30, HaikuLMS, Schoology, Google Calendar, Google Keep) to help me manage my busy life and keep track of my daily tasks. Out of the sites/apps I explored, I chose one to use throughout this week.

Google Keep

Enter a caption

This is a screenshot of my ToDo Lists and Reminders on Google Keep! It is very easy to use and easily transfers between my phone and my computer.

This was my favorite to use for keeping track of my daily to do lists. It has several features

  • Set reminders
  • Share notes with people through google drive
  • Create Organized Labels for Notes
  • Accessible on computer and phone
  • Create notes with Images
  • Copy notes straight to google docs
  • Pretty Color Choices!

I use Google Keep for my personal life, professional life, as well as for keeping track of tasks due in my Masters classes. It has been very helpful. I definitely suggest you try it out.


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