Cutting the Cheese for Education

This week we performed a challenge.
I asked my boyfriend to grab 3 things from the kitchen. 1) a plate 2) a bowl and 3) a utensil. 
Next, I asked him to choose a number out of a hat that corresponded with an activity to be completed.
The task? Prepare a finger food using whichever utensil he randomly chose and ADAPT it to make it WORK for my purpose.
This is where it gets interesting. He chose a pair of tongs. I had to figure out how to use a pair of tongs to slice a block of cheese into multiple pieces in order to create a cheese tray for my friends.

Check out the video below to see firsthand the process of using a
pair of tongs to slice the cheese for my plate. Yes, it was difficult and amusing to watch, but it was doable, and the best part, it directly relates to education.

How does it relate to education? It directly relates to Punya Mishra’s TPACK (Technology, Pedagogy, Content Knowledge) framework in our educational system because it deals with taking what you have, adapting it, and using it to foster learning within yourself and your students.

A pair of tongs was not intended to be used for slicing cheese in the same way that a storage crate was not intended to be used as a seat. However, I repurposed the item to make it suitable for my needs.

How many times have you used an item in your classroom in a manner differently than it’s intended purpose? Using clear sheet protectors for dry erase wipe & write sheets?, straw dispenser to use for pencils, or maybe even decorated Pringles cans to store rulers in?

In a classroom setting, we use what we are given, and repurpose it all the time. This activity was a great reflection of how commonly we use this practice.



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