Goals aren’t only for la Copa America…

At the start of this school  year, I made a lot of goals.
  • Become a Google Certified Educator
  • Become ESL Certified
  • Teach English to adults
  • Teach EdTech / Personalized Learning to other Teachers
  • Begin coursework for my masters degree
  • Create a better work / home life balance

With the completion of this course at MSU, I’m extremely proud to say that I’ve accomplished every single one of my goals for the 2015-2016 school year.

The course I took, CEP 810 has been very beneficial to me in several ways. I have learned about so many new opportunities and sites for educational technology that I can use in my classroom. Because I have explored with so many new sites, I have a better understanding of what to use and when / how to use it. At my school, some teachers are uneasy with using technology as a part of their teaching because they don’t know what to use or how to use it. Because I’ve learned about using technology in education, I can guide teachers and give them resources and advice about which sites to use in their class.

Amongst all the topics we covered in this course, I will say that the most influential activity was the networked learning project. Before completing this project, I was able to Google things to find out more information, no problem. But after completing the project, I realized that I can use help forums, e-how, chat forums, video chats and so many more resources to find a solution to my problem. Literally, you can Google anything and everything to find an answer. Everything from tying a shoe to changing a tire is on Google somewhere!!

This will impact my teaching process because now, when my students have a question, I can allow them to responsibly search for the answers using the very same resources I use to find my answers. It will help them be more digitally connected to our world, make knowledge of all types accessible and allow them to become more independent thinkers.  

Overall, for taking my first online class ever, and my first Master’s course ever, this was a tremendous experience. I’m excited to continue in the program and learn as much as I can so that I can really support the students and teachers in my school, community, and district.



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