I’m a maker, you’re a maker, we’re all makers!

We live in a society of “makers”, creators, innovators, and explorers. From the moment we’re born we never stop exploring, tinkering or wondering about the world around us. If we explore our creative tendencies, and “make” without fear of failing, possibilities for success and innovation are endless. Based on this fact alone, a very specific creator, or maker, if you will, came to mind. 


I chose to research how Steve Jobs and Apple were able to revolutionize the way we use technology to be productive everyday. Before, we had to use separate devices in order to take pictures, videos, send emails, texts or make phone calls. Steve Jobs took all of the technology available, and combined it together in order to transform and mold the devices into one machine that would launch technology forward by several years.

To create my remix (on an Apple Macbook, might I add…thanks, Steve Jobs), I used an editing site called wevideo. It was the first time I’ve ever used it, so it took a while for me to get accustomed to the controls. I am familiar with imovie, so having this prior knowledge did help me a little with understanding the controls and editing process on WeVideo. Nonetheless, I kept making mistakes, accidentally deleting slides (this is just the editing phase, it didn’t include searching for the perfect videos to use under copyright laws and fair use).

All in all, this was definitely a learning experience for me. I didn’t realize how prominent maker culture was in our society. Through exploring, failing, trying again, and remixing, I have learned that I am a maker, too. It truly is amazing how many things we can make after we abandon the fear of failing.

My “maker culture” video about Steve Jobs!


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