LESSON: Student Created How-To videos

Lately I have been exploring and learning by using my Makey Makey kit. (If you’re not sure what a Makey Makey kit is, check out one of my previous blog posts to read all about it!)

One of the things I discovered was how much learning and creativity can occur simply by exploring for a few minutes and letting the imagination run wild. I wanted to be able to share this experience with my students, in addition to all the educational technology and personalized learning concepts I’ve been learning about all summer long. So, in the spirit of maker culture and math, I have created a math lesson for my second graders. Below is a quick breakdown of the requirements of the lesson that will  be graded with a rubric.

1. Choose a topic (based on personal math data) and create an instructional WeVide in order to teach other students how to play a math game or  practice a mathematical concept.

2. Choose an appropriate photo and link it to the video.

3. Explore to find an object that works with the makey makey and connect it so that with one click, the video can be watched or listened to.

This can easily be adapted for other grade levels. If you are interested in seeing the full lesson, it can be found here!





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