My Deskless Classroom

Upon the first glance into my classroom, one might immediately notice something….

My Desk-less Classroom

There are no desks!!

This setup didn’t occur by accident, so no, nobody stole all 24 of my desks –  I lost them… On purpose. This nontraditional approach to education can be explained in three words.
Space for Exploration. 
Our science and math curricula are designed for hands-on, interactive, exploratory activities. The scholars are moving around the room completing various interactive learning tasks individually, in groups, and/or on technology. We are constantly hustling and bustling, and exploring new ideas in several locations in our classroom during math and science class. With the momentum of energy and movement we that we use each day, we do not have time (or space) to sit quietly at a desk for hours.
Removing student desks encourages and allows scholars to become natural problem solvers and independent thinkers. They are more in control of their learning and have the ability to work freely and creatively in a comfortable, safe environment. While it may sound like a chance for chaos, rest assured that there is structure and organization to this nontraditional approach to education. Since children are in control of choosing their own learning space, this is a perfect way to encouragepersonalized learning!
In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, options for seating and desks are available. Our classroom still has six student desks and one circle table in addition to the computer tables at the back of the room. Students who prefer or need to sit independently at a desk may feel free to work at any of these locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the students sit and do their work?
Students have lap desks and clipboards available to use for writing surfaces.
How do they do complete state testing?
Each scholar has chosen their own testing spot. Scholars are spaced out all around the perimeter of the room and follow a specific procedure for testing.
(This includes weekly quizzes, quarterly interims and NWEA MAP tests)
Still curious? 
Email me or comment below with any more questions you might have. I’ll be happy to guide you in designing  your own deskless / semi-deskless classroom, complete with beginning of the year procedures and guidelines.

For more information about desk less classroom, please explore the links below. 


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